Links to External Resources

The external resources identified in this section are selected works of scholars, higher education associations, and higher education or athletics administrators. If you have produced information or a study relevant to this topic that you would like to have posted, please go to the Contribute Content page to create a submission request. The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics does not necessarily endorse all of the recommendations or opinions expressed in these resources but supports engagement, dialogue and research by all stakeholders.

Presidential Control and Leadership

The Knight Commission does endorse the NCAA and AGB resources noted below to guide university leadership:

Additional Resources:

  • The Ties That Bind: Presidential Involvement with the Development of NCAA Division I Initial Eligibility Legislation. Dan Covell & Carol A. Barr, Journal of Higher Education (July - August 2001, 72(4), p. 414-52).
    An academic article about the impact presidential leadership and influence had on the development of initial eligibility standards and calls for increased presidential control on athletic programs.
  • 2008 NCAA State of the Association Address: “Leadership and Challenges: The Role of Intercollegiate Athletics in the University,” Myles Brand, NCAA News (January 12, 2008).
    According to the NCAA Website, this address articulates the following: “(1) intercollegiate athletics provides educational value; (2) intercollegiate athletics helps create community on campus; (3) the university is helped by college sports in meeting its obligations to engage the world beyond the campus; and (4) intercollegiate athletics contributes to social justice.”