How important is face-to-face contact with recruits?

The NCAA limits how much face-to-face contact college coaches can have with high school recruits, but doesn’t regulate text messaging, emails, or many other forms of contact. Coaches can text-message high school kids without limits, but can only visit just once a week during specific times. Yet, many argue that it is the direct personal relationships between coaches and potential players that create the best, and most positive, relationship for both. It may be even more important for the smaller football schools in Division I-A which require more transfer students to compete at the highest level.

According to the Birmingham News (link here), Troy University football transfers Chris Bradwell and Nikko Doyle were arrested last week, along with returning backup Maurice Coleman, in connection with a burglary at an apartment complex. While nothing has been proven in a court of law, Troy head coach Larry Blakeney told the paper he wished he had an opportunity to get to know the recruits better: “The rules really prohibit you from getting to know them,” the coach said. “When I was being recruited, shoot, I saw somebody from Auburn every week. They knew about my family. They knew everything about me. It’s changed, totally.”