In an effort to strengthen financial transparency, the Knight Commission produces information to describe the financial landscape of Division I college sports. One of the resources is the College Athletics Financial Information (CAFI) database for Division I public institutions.

Watch this 3 minute video tutorial on how to use the database:

College Athletics Financial Information (CAFI) database for NCAA Division I

Below are additional resources that describe “where the money comes from,” “where the money goes” and “how the money has changed” in Division I college sports:

Information on the College Football Playoff, its revenue distribution and the Knight Commission’s proposed changes can be found here:

Assessment of Intercollegiate Athletics Financial Reporting, March 2020
This report was completed by Collegiate Financial Partners, LLC with support from the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics to conduct nonpartisan analysis, study and research and prepare an educational document on the subject of the reporting obligations applicable to college sports financing.