Colleges Consider How to Pay for New Cost of Attendance Stipends and Impact of Multi-Year Scholarships

The Springfield (Mass.) Republican published an article about a new rule being considered by the NCAA that would impact the budget of college athletics departments. The new rule would allow student-athletes to receive an additional $2,000 expense stipend up to the full cost-of-attendance. The rule, adopted by the NCAA Board in October, was suspended when more than 120 institutions petitioned for an override of the legislation.

As reported by the NCAA News, the NCAA Board of Directors asked the Student-Athlete Well-Being working group to come back to the presidents in April with recommendations on how to implement the rule. The board requested the working group consider student-athlete financial need, Title IX compliance, and the potential for stockpiling by universities. The new legislation would be effective for the 2013-14 academic year.

The article explains the differing opinions about the rule. “It’s a different issue for the top 30 or so schools,” said University of Massachusetts athletic director John McCutcheon. “At schools whose teams generate millions of dollars, and where coaches are paid $2 million a year, it’s hard to look a kid in the eye (and not pay him).”

“The intent is good. The devil comes out in the detail of practical application.