College Sports Subsidies Remain Integral Part of Game

The Arizona Republic published an article examining the extent to which colleges should decrease their subsidies of athletics programs based upon the increase in revenues from agreements between television networks and major athletic conferences.  This article examined that issue at Arizona State University.

The Republic quoted the 2010 report, Restoring the Balance, in which the Knight Commission voiced concern about how the rising costs of athletics spending threatens “the continued viability of athletics programs and the integrity of our universities.”

William “Brit” Kirwan, chancellor of the University of Maryland system and co-chairman of the Knight Commission, told the Republic: “We’re in a vicious cycle… What happens in the Pac-12 people will replicate in other conferences. Just when one conference thinks it’s solved its resource problem, the whole escalation in costs will come back and bite them down the road. We’ve had a distortion of values. Too much money is being spent on something that is supposed to be an extracurricular activity.”

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