‘The Front Porch’: USU Officials Talk Athletics’ Role at Institution

Utah’s Herald Journal News examined the academic and athletic spending trends at Utah State University. Data from the Knight Commission’s Athletic and Academic Spending Database are cited. In discussing the comparisons of spending per athlete and spending per student, Knight Commission Executive Director Amy Perko is quoted:

Perko said a better “financial framework” for universities is needed to “better ensure the allocation of athletics funding is going toward the health safety and well-being of athletes, and the participants are achieving their educational goals.”

Perko emphasized the Knight Commission isn’t making the case that funding for academics and athletics should be equal.

“There are legitimate reasons for athletics spending to be greater than academic spending — health insurance for athletes, medical treatment — but those expenses cannot account for the lopsided spending patterns at some universities,” Perko said. “A greater focus on the core educational mission is needed.”

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