Knight Commission memorandum to NCAA Division I Values-Based Revenue Distribution Working Group

LINK HERE to July 1, 2016 memo to the NCAA.

On July 1, 2016, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics provided its reaction to proposals circulated by the NCAA Division I Values-Based Revenue Distribution Working Group. The Commission noted that the working group’s “effort is critically important to the future health of college sports.” The NCAA revenue distribution policies have not fundamentally changed in a quarter century, even though the revenues have expanded dramatically. The Commission fully supports the working group’s concept to create an academic achievement fund using incremental revenues gained through the NCAA’s expanded media contract. In fact, the Commission has promoted such a change beginning with its 2001 report. The Knight Commission has long held the view that a disproportionate amount of these funds is awarded based on success in the men’s basketball tournament. In calling for changes to the NCAA distribution plan in its 2001 report, the Commission was guided by the principle that the incentives in college sports must be aligned with the association’s enduring educational values. The Commission suggested then that the financial awards provided for winning men’s basketball teams be reduced and that the plan instead provide financial rewards to schools for achieving educational outcomes. The Commission has consistently promoted such a change over the last several years.