The Athletic: At the NCAA convention, a new constitution is only the beginning for college sports leaders

Leading up to the 2022 NCAA Convention, Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic references the Knight Commission’s financial C.A.R.E. Model and quotes CEO Amy Perko. 

“‘The proposed solution [the C.A.R.E. Model] does tie the financial framework directly to, frankly, the constitutional principles that the membership will vote on that day — which are not that different than the current principles, to prioritize athletes, education, health, safety and well-being,’ said Knight Commission CEO Amy Perko. ‘But the problem has really never been a statement of principles. The problem has been putting principles into practice. And that’s what our proposed solution would do.’” …

“‘I don’t think there’s much disagreement at all about the constitution that will be voted upon (this week),’ Perko said. ‘But the expectation is that Division I leaders will approach the next step with a serious look toward solutions that will remake Division I and not just tinker with the margins, waiting for another lawsuit or Congress to have more of an impact.’”

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