New York Times: N.C.A.A. Chief, Under Pressure, Says College Sports May Need Reorganization

New York Times reporter, Alan Blinder, quotes Knight Commission CEO Amy P. Perko, as she notes the need for reform and bold leadership in college athletics.

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“From a big-picture standpoint, I think it’s encouraging that there’s some urgency to move away from the status quo because it’s not going to work clearly with the Alston decision,” said Amy Perko, the chief executive of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, which has called for broad reforms. “But even before the Alston decision, it wasn’t working.”

Empowering college sports conferences, which have gained outsize influence over the years as media rights brokers, could allow university presidents and chancellors “to make some bold decisions, and they should be able to do that at the conference level with more like-minded schools,” Perko said.