Knight Commission Sends Letter to NCAA Constitution Committee

On August 31, 2021, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics’ co-chairs sent a letter to Robert M. Gates, chair, NCAA Constitution Committee, in response to its open call for input on major structural and constitutional issues that will reshape the mission and role of the NCAA.

The letter highlights that for nearly two years, the Knight Commission has been engaged in a similar, sweeping examination of Division I’s governance, revenue distribution programs, NIL rules, and gender and racial equity performance. The letter summarizes the major findings and recommendations from the Commission’s examination.

The Commission’s primary recommendations would require changes to the NCAA’s Constitution and not just to its specific operating bylaws, making them directly pertinent to the charge and mission of the Constitution Committee.

The principal reforms highlighted from the Commission’s comprehensive December 2020 “ Transforming the D-I Model” report include:

The studies that informed the Commission’s proposals as well as the presentations made to explain its findings and recommendations can be found on this comprehensive webpage.

Read the complete letter here.