Lincoln Journal Star: Chancellor Green discusses challenges in colleges and athletics

University of Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor Dr. Ronnie Green tells the Lincoln Journal Star he supports our proposal, Transforming the D-I Model.

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“The third one is the whole idea of what is the structure of collegiate athletics going to be. The NCAA is under fire right now, folks. It really is,” said Green, speaking from his first-hand experiences with the presidential forum and Big Ten board positions. “There’s a lot of lack of trust and belief in the NCAA right now amongst the Institutions, especially in D-1.

“There’s another thing called the Knight Commission, which did a major study of college football and came forward with a major report this past year that recommended that college football should be carved out of the NCAA, and it should be run by a completely different organization,” he shared, referring in particular to the D-1 Power 5 Conferences in football. “They (Power 5) should form their own entity to run college football because the NCAA doesn’t largely run it now.”

Green said in his opinion, the NCAA should follow the recommendations made by the Knight Commission. The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics was formed by John and Jim Knight in 1989, and according to its website, it is “an independent group with a legacy of leading reforms that strengthen the educational mission of college sports.”