ESPN: Will NCAA committee take scalpel or bonfire approach to Division I changes?

Dan Murphy of ESPN quotes Knight Commission CEO, Amy Perko, regarding the implications of the evolution of college sports and NCAA Constitutional changes.

“The Knight Commission, a college sports reform advocacy group, has previously suggested that a lot of the problems facing college sports could be solved by removing FBS-level football from the NCAA and making that level of the sport govern itself.

The Knight Commission has also suggested that a revamped financial structure could help to provide a legally viable way for athletic departments to hold each other accountable for putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to prioritizing academics and the health and well-being of their athletes.

‘The fear of litigation is paralyzing the national leadership and the conference leadership,’ said Amy Perko…

Perko says schools could avoid those legal pitfalls by rethinking the way that they share the large sums of money they make from the NCAA basketball tournaments or the College Football Playoff. One of the Knight Commission’s suggestions include a luxury tax that would decrease the amount of those funds for any school that spends over a certain amount on coaching salaries. Another is to consider a school’s success in a wide variety of sports when splitting up their shared profits.”

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