The Chronicle of Higher Education: The NCAA Has a New Constitution. What Will That Mean for Big-Time College Sports? No One Knows

Eric Kelderman of The Chronicle of Higher Education cites the Knight Commission’s assessment of the NCAA’s constitutional reforms and notes the Knight Commission’s recommendation for reform to the CFB Playoff. 

“For the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, which aims to strengthen the educational mission of college sports, the NCAA’s reforms fall short because they fail to address oversight of the College Football Playoff, the semifinal and championship games of the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Those three games generate about $500 million for the 130 Division I members that make up the FBS, but nearly 80 percent of the money goes to members of the Power 5, according to figures from the Knight Commission, and less than 20 percent to the other 65 members of the Football Bowl Subdivision.

The big problem, according to the Knight Commission, is that the playoff is actually run by a separate corporate entity, while the NCAA continues to cover the national costs for FBS football including litigation.” 

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