The Boston Globe: How the women’s NCAA basketball tournament has changed in a year from just one incredibly revealing tweet

Tara Sullivan of the Boston Globe cites CEO Amy Perko on the behavioral and institutional consequences of the inequitable distribution of NCAA funds in the wake of a social media scandal last march; illustrating disproportionately low quality and quantity of resources for women’s teams participating in the tournament.

 “It calls into question why they haven’t changed the revenue distribution yet. That’s the one change that we’ve talked about for a long time now, financial incentives impact funding priorities, and they impact behaviors…The Knight Commission has said that any national distribution, and frankly any division or conference distribution, should be gender equitable. If it is going to reward athletic success, it must reward athletic success for men’s and women’s teams. Currently women’s teams are not included in any type of performance based distribution. That’s an issue that must be addressed.”

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