On3: “Who will ‘control’ college football in the future – the NCAA or a different entity?’

Veteran sports journalist Ivan Maisel identifies “the influx of money and its inequitable distribution” as “the wellspring of the sport’s current problems” and opines that “money has distorted the entire intercollegiate athletic model.” His commentary asks, prior to the start of the Charlie Baker’s tenure as president of the NCAA, which entity should ‘control” college football and explores ramifications that those answers may bring.

From the article: “The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics has proposed moving the sport out of the NCAA and under the aegis of a different entity such as the College Football Playoff, the generator of so much of the money that flows into the sport.

‘The role of FBS football and its being kind of halfway in the NCAA – more out of the NCAA but using the NCAA as a legal shield – has been frustrating to all of us,’ Knight Commission CEO Amy Perko said. ‘We understand it because the Power 5 and the FBS have a good deal right now, with the NCAA being the legal shield and the CFP money being outside the system.’

If the CFP began paying the $65 million annual bill to run college football, that’s $65 million that could flow through to the rest of the NCAA.”

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