Forbes: “As March Madness Begins, It’s Time for Women to Play for the Money”

Karen Weaver took a look at the progress on addressing the inequities in the financial commitment and management of NCAA Division I men’s and women’s basketball tournaments and examined the opportunities ahead.

Reporting on the existing revenue distribution inequities where the NCAA rewards schools for the tournament success of men’s basketball teams and not the success of women’s teams, Weaver quotes the Commission’s Amy Perko: “The Knight Commission’s CEO, Amy Perko says they were told the NCAA’s Transformation Committee would address the revenue distribution inequity issues in its final report, but it (the Transformation Committee report) only ‘acknowledged the distribution formula should change. It remains bogged down in committee review. By this April, two distribution cycles (with more than $330 million distributed) will have passed since the NCAA board received Kaplan Hecker’s equity report and its recommendation to change its inequitable distribution formula.’”

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