On3.com: “The NCAA’s date on Capitol Hill was a big missed opportunity”

Eric Prisbell covered the U.S. House’s Innovation, Data and Commerce subcommittee hearing where, he writes, “for nearly three hours, several lawmakers made clear that they’re either misinformed or under-informed about the complexities of the fast-evolving college sports enterprise … And all parties departed with the NCAA not an inch closer to receiving the lifeline from Congress that it so desperately seeks…

From the article: “One prominent NIL source said the “real conversation” needed to include how, according to the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics report, $126 million is the median revenue for a Power 5 athletic program, with 11 percent going to athletes and 41 percent to staff, coaches and severance. ‘That is going to take center stage, whether we like it or not, in the Johnson v. NCAA case,’ the source said. ‘So we probably should be talking about how NIL fits into that and, beyond that, what the new college sports model is.’”

The article included a statement from Knight Commission CEO Amy Perko that “the commission endorses the oversight of management and application of NIL rules by an entity led by a board with a majority of independent directors, none of whom would be employed by the NCAA, conferences or member institutions.

‘Given concerns that college athlete perspectives have been underrepresented in decision-making, we believe it is essential that this board should include current and former college athletes,’ Perko said. ‘An independent board, granted authority by an appropriate governmental body, would help eliminate inherent conflicts of interest to ensure NIL decisions are in the best interests of college sports and athletes – rather than the conferences and institutions they represent.’”

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