On3: “NCAA tournament gender inequities show up starkly in revenue distribution”

On3.com’s Eric Prisbell examines the gender inequities in the NCAA revenue distribution formula.

From the article:”’If you are going to reward athletic performance, you need to reward it on a gender-equitable basis,’ Amy Perko, CEO of the reform-minded Knight Commission of Intercollegiate Athletics, told On3. She later added, ‘The NCAA has to change its revenue-distribution formula because it is inconsistent with its constitutional principle.’

…Some notable changes were indeed made, including implementing March Madness branding into last season’s women’s tournament and enhancing the student-athlete experience. And the NCAA’s then-president Mark Emmert said last year that “preliminary discussions” were under way to address distributing tournament revenue to women’s teams.

But the NCAA will award more than $170 million this year for teams’ success in the men’s tournament while awarding zero dollars for the success in the women’s tourney. Why has nothing changed?…”

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