Los Angeles Times: “Commentary: Chip Kelly’s plan could save college sports, and that’s why it’ll never happen”

J. Brady McCollough highlights the plan UCLA football coach Chip Kelly discussed during preseason football media days that would “steer the college sports enterprise away from fully losing its soul — having top football schools be classified as independent and playing by their own rules, allowing the rest of the sports to be grouped together regionally as they used to be — is simply too logical for college sports leaders to wrap their heads around.”

McCollough references the similar Knight Commission December 2020 proposal in pointing out that Kelly’s plan is “not a new concept.” McCollough highlights that “in the aftermath of college football’s disjointed and desperate attempt to play a season during a global pandemic, the Knight Commission said the best way forward would be to remove the Football Bowl Subdivision from the NCAA and let a new entity govern the sport’s highest level of competition.”

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