Sports Business Journal: “College Football: One Final Performance”

Michael Smith writes on this “historic” season for college football with “conference realignment; name, image and likeness; budget excesses; and unexpected ups and downs in the media industry” affecting “the sport in ways that were beyond belief this time last year.”

From the article: “All of the changes have left college football wondering who is in charge and what is the most appropriate financial model — such as a possible revenue share with the players — to guide athletics into the future.

…The Knight Commission attempted to address some of the confusion with a report in 2020 that recommended college football break away from the NCAA by creating a separate entity that’s funded by the CFP. Since then, there has been plenty of chatter about the need for a body that thinks football 24/7, but no movement to actually start one.

Creating a new organization to oversee football seems more important than ever because of the long distances that are forcing Olympic sports to travel and compete in these new national conferences that crisscross the country.

Athletes, schools and their budgets would all benefit from Olympic sports that play closer to home as part of a regional schedule rather than taking their cues from football, which drives these realignment decisions.”

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