Yahoo!Sports: Is college athletics headed for The Great Split? ‘We need to recreate or relaunch the NCAA’

In his article on the Knight Commission’s fall public meeting, Ross Dellenger of Yahoo! Sports reported on the key topics discussed, most notably, the call for reshaping the industry and changing governance and financial distributions for Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). 

This article highlights comments made by two expert panelists, Damon Evans and Kevin White. and potential future models that may result from current ligitation, including revenue sharing for college athletes. Dellenger notes the Knight Commission’s recommendations to modify athletics spending to better support college athletes with a focus on the influx of new College Football Playoff (CFP) revenue from its expanded 12-team format. The article also included information from the Commission’s report “Financial Projections Through 2032 for Division I FBS Programs” on FBS football coaching salaries. 

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