CEO Perko to On3: State of College Sports

graphic for On3 mediaOn3 asked industry leaders to weigh in on the No. 1 issue in college sports in 2023. Below is an excerpt of the response from Amy Privette Perko, CEO, Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics 

“The biggest issue in college sports right now is getting surprisingly little attention. The upcoming revenue distribution decisions of the governing board of the College Football Playoff (CFP) will have an enormous impact on the future of FBS football and all sports in Division I…

People are amazed to learn that the CFP board distributes all of its money to conferences with zero strings attached and that the NCAA receives no revenue from the CFP, even though the NCAA absorbs all the national costs to operate the sport of FBS football, including ever increasing legal costs…. 

The Knight Commission has proposed common-sense changes to the CFP distribution policies that would require national football revenue to cover national operational costs for the sport. Our proposal also calls for earmarking at least half of the revenue to specifically advance FBS programs’ stated values of promoting athlete education, health, and safety.

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