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Tackling college football fantasy leagues

Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics co-chairs William E. Kirwan and R. Gerald Turner authored an opinion piece, below, published in the Los Angeles Times on August 30, 2008. This weekend, Terrapins, Trojans, Mustangs and more take to the gridiron, kicking off the college football season. This week also marks the start of a new era

Make academic integrity part of recruiting process

R. Gerald Turner and Clifton R. Wharton, Jr., co-chairs of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, commented in the Miami Herald (link here) on February 4, 2007, about the need for colleges and universities to incorporate academic integrity in the recruiting of athletes. In the article, Turner and Wharton noted the significant media attention that

Keep ‘Pro’ out of College Sports

“Keep ‘pro’ out of college sports,” Indianapolis Star, Apr. 2, 2006. March Madness is about to reach its finale. Without a doubt, the tournament in America’s favorite amateur sports event. CBS pays the NCAA roughly half a billion dollars a year for the right to broadcast the tournament, and it knows what it needs for