Knight Commission Responds to NCAA’s Project D1 Proposals


Project D1 advances some essential and potentially groundbreaking proposals to promote and protect college athlete well-being. At the same time, the Knight Commission believes that some promising Project D1 proposals may have unintended consequences that could limit athletic opportunities and that Project D1 does not address several major problems in Division I.

The Knight Commission’s recommendations described in this response provide alternative approaches to remedy these highly visible challenges to Division I college sports.

The Knight Commission’s response addresses five key areas: 

  1. Creating Enhanced Educational Benefits
  2. Redirecting More Revenues to College Athletes
  3. Correcting Inequities and Weaknesses in the Current National Incentive Structures of Division I Sports
  4. A Better Governance Structure
  5. Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) Opportunities and Guardrails

Project DI
Project D-I
Project D-i
Project D-1