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Associated Press: “Revenue-sharing with major college football players seems ‘inevitable.’ How could it be done?”

In his article, Ralph Russo of Associated Press Sports included a reference to the the Knight Commission’s recently released report “Financial Projections through 2032 for Division I FBS Programs.” “…The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics last week released the results of analysis that projected through 2032 the expenses of 54 public schools currently in Power Five conferences.

News-Gazette: “Study: Football coaching pay on track to exceed total scholarship funding”

News-Gazette editor Jeff D’Alessio wrote about the recent Knight Commission report “Financial Projections through 2032 for Division I FBS Programs.” The story notes “the alarming projections and the financial future of the next decade: if compensation continues at its current pace, football coaching salaries will exceed the total amount spent on scholarships and medical expenses “Coaches’ salaries on pace to outspend scholarships”

National writer Josh Brice cites Knight Commission report with revenue and salary projections over the next decade. The article highlights the report’s “crossover point” – “where football coaches’ salaries exceed all expenditures for athletes’ scholarships and medical expenses” and notes that the crossover point “is happening at nine Autonomy 5 Public Institutions, including a quartet “Many schools on track to spend more on coaches than player needs”

Heather Dinich quoted Knight Commission CEO Amy Privette Perko extensively in her piece on the newly released “Financial Projections through 2032 for Division I FBS Programs” report. Dinich’s article highlighted the projected spending on coaching compensation for football coaching staffs in relation to athlete scholarships and medical expenses across all athletes in all sports. From

Financial Projections through 2032 for Division I FBS Programs

Report: Financial Projections through 2032 for Division I FBS Programs Executive Summary Press Release (PDF) KNIGHT COMMISSION RELEASES REPORT ON FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS THROUGH 2032 FOR DIVISION I FBS PROGRAMS Projected spending, with billions in new revenues, raises big challenges—and a rare opportunity to fix Division I athletics September 6, 2023-The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics

Crain’s Chicago Business: “Northwestern and U of C Went Opposite Ways on Big-Time Sports. Who Made The Right Choice?”

Judith Crown, writer and former managing editor and reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business, compares the choices made by former Big Ten colleagues, the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, after contrasting choices in regard to intercollegiate athletics put the two institutions on different paths. From the article: “With recent consolidation and the creation of megaconferences,

Sports Business Journal: “College Football: One Final Performance”

Michael Smith writes on this “historic” season for college football with “conference realignment; name, image and likeness; budget excesses; and unexpected ups and downs in the media industry” affecting “the sport in ways that were beyond belief this time last year.” From the article: “All of the changes have left college football wondering who is in charge

Statement from Amy Privette Perko, CEO, Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, Thursday, August 17, 2023

College sports at most FBS-affiliated programs are driven today by one all-consuming pursuit: The money chase. The recent conference realignment decisions of six PAC-12 institutions, including two founding members of the 108-year-old conference, should be the final tipping point forcing university presidents to explain why the current structure is still in the best interests of