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Knight Commission Urges Tougher NCAA Reforms to Regain Public Confidence in College Sports

[Session and video with NCAA chief legal officer and experts regarding Commission on College Basketball proposals and transfer rules]

Group Seeks Reforms That Go Beyond Rice Commission Proposals for Basketball For Public Release Media Inquiries: Fred Frommer; 202.744.9273 Photos available for public use, with credit to: Lisa Helfert/Knight Commission.  Link here. Videos available: Overview of Commission on College Basketball proposals. Link here. Discussion of proposed changes to college basketball. Link here. Proposed changes

Statements in response to the report by the Commission on College Basketball

Media Inquiries: Fred Frommer, 202.744.9273 The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics released the following statements in response to the report by the Commission on College Basketball chaired by Condoleezza Rice “We applaud the far-reaching reforms recommended by the Commission on College Basketball, which we will examine at the Knight Commission public meeting May 7 in

Basketball reforms highlight Knight Commission May 7 meeting agenda

For Public Release April 4, 2018 Media Inquiries: Fred Frommer, 202-744-9273 RSVPs: Travis Reuther 202-879-5594 MEDIA ADVISORY Who: The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics will discuss recommendations made by the Commission on College Basketball chaired by Condoleezza Rice. Speakers and panelists will include: Donald Remy, NCAA chief legal officer Jay Bilas, college basketball analyst,

Knight Commission Announces New Membership Appointments of Christine Copper, Shanteona Keys, and Peter Roby

Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics Co-Chairs Carol Cartwright and Arne Duncan have announced the appointment of three new members to the Commission:  Dr. Christine Copper, Shanteona Keys and Peter Roby. “Christine Copper, Shanteona Keys and Peter Roby bring a unique combination of experiences that will help the Knight Commission continue its important efforts to improve

Make Football Players’ Safety a Priority

By Arne Duncan and Dr. Myron Rolle. Published in the Indianapolis Star. LINK HERE. When the NCAA met last month in Indianapolis, it took up some of the most pressing issues facing college sports. But there’s one area outside the NCAA’s purview that deserves a good public hearing – the distribution of hundreds of millions

UNC Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham Talks NCAA Case, College Basketball

In the Raleigh News & Observer’s coverage of comments about the past NCAA case that examined alleged academic misconduct, a video clip was included of Knight Commission co-chair Arne Duncan making remarks at the Knight Commission’s October 2017 meeting. In the clip, Duncan told reporters that major changes in rules and enforcement are needed to

Why the Federal Tax Overhaul Plan Could Have a Major Impact on College Sports

In this Raleigh News & Observer article about the new federal tax law that eliminates the tax-exempt status of contributions provided to intercollegiate sports programs for athletics tickets, Amy Perko, chief executive officer of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, is quoted: “It’s surprising how this has been somewhat under the radar, and it could

Knight Commission Sees Integrity of College Sports at Risk

[Sessions and video with NCAA President Mark Emmert; experts on college football and health and safety benefits and protections]

The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics said today that recent college sports scandals have threatened not only the integrity of intercollegiate athletics but raised basic questions about the NCAA’s ability to prevent abuses, protect the rights of athletes and clean up corruption. At today’s fall meeting, NCAA President Mark Emmert told the Knight Commission, “We cannot go into the next basketball season without seeing fundamental change in the way college basketball is operating.”