2011 Financial Data

In its 2010 report, the Knight Commission recommended greater transparency of athletics finances for college sports noting that “real long-term progress in athletics financing across all NCAA Division I institutions requires the availability of clear, comparable, and complete financial data, together with strategies to improve accountability. The Commission also introduced new financial metrics that could be used to develop criteria to hold athletics spending in check.

See Restoring the Balance for more specific recommendations.

In an effort to provide greater financial transparency, the Knight Commission is tracking various elements of athletics and academic spending. Below, find December 2012 updated financial data. Please SCROLL DOWN to view all the images; click on each to download as a PDF.

Download PDF for Football Bowl Subdivision

Download PDF for Football Championship Subdivision

Download PDF for Division I – No Football

Download PDF for distribution of expenses

Download PDF for sources of revenue

Download PDF for majority of colleges and universities require institutional funds to pay for athletics

Download PDF for academic and athletics spending comparison by subdivision and conference

Download PDF for academic and athletics spending comparisons by quartile

Download PDF for media contracts